Help with servicing forks????

Quick question................

I am new to riding bikes and I have a 2000 WR400. My left fork is leaking fluid and I need to service them. My question is how tough will it be to do this job? The local dealer is charging $100 labor and then parts are about $50. The problem is they are 3 to 4 weeks out on time.

I dont want to be down that long with the season just starting and I am pondering trying it on my own. Are they any special words of advice for me, tools I need, etc???? I have the manual and mechanically I can figure it out if it is pretty straight forward.

Thanks in advance for your thougths!

Thank you, I will check these out first thing tomorrow and get it done. I appreciate the help.

How badly is it leaking? Have you tried the 35mm film cleaning trick? It worked great on my bike. Then I installed seal savers, no more leaks!

I just replaced my left fork seal. It took me about an hour an new seal and $10.00 worth of oil. The only tool you really need is a seal pusher to properly punch the seal into the fork leg. Do a little searching around, and make sure you look in the yz section of TT. You should find some step by step instructions.

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