Taming Down a 2008 WR450

I wanna see Erick hold his bike up on some of those trails with them short stubby legs of his :ride:

any time man.... :thumbsup: :thumbsup: all I need is an "invitation" for a saturday ride, that's all, the rest is cake.:confused:

any time man.... :thumbsup::confused: all I need is an "invitation" for a saturday ride, that's all, the rest is cake.:ride:

PM sent :thumbsup:

PM sent :thumbsup:

PM received...

"I'm considering buying a new WR450 but have some reservations about the power delivery - it comes in too fast and too strong for a lot of conditions."

I would recommend buying the bike, doing the uncorking mods listed all over this forum, then installing a Rekluse. You will love it. Read all the reviews, you'll see. The reason I think YOU will like it so much is because it does two things.

One, it does add a little flywheel weight, which tames the hit just a touch.

Two, it feathers the clutch so seamlessly, it allows you to ride the bike lower in the rev range than you can with a manual clutch. Especially in the tight and nasty. Instead of having to drop down to first gear and getting your arms stretched, you can pull second without fear of stalling. MUCH more manageable!

Do it, you won't regret it.

for what its worth a rekluse clutch will completely take the snap out of it at low revs on super tight trails. In second gear its so smooth and soft it feels like a different bike.

Clutch control makes all the difference to the wr at low speed

Hmm, that could well be the answer y'know. Let me start a new thread....


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