ASV and JD jet kit review 2007 yz450

Tried both of these this weekend. First the ASV levers. Very nice and effective considering bike fell over and sunk grip into ground. The lever folded back as designed. I have the ASV pro clutch set up. The clutch feel with this lever is grabby and different in a bad way. Also had to keep adj between hot and cold. Stalled the bike 4 times in tight turns. Anyone else have similar exp? Second JD Jet Kit. B4 install bike would bog off jumps and at low rpm acceleration. Had disappointing low rpm power and torque. I found myself using 1st gear alot in turns that my 250f (with hot cams) would run 2nd. I had thought maybe I would need a slip on exhaust. Middle of day I installed JD jet kit. Bike went from a sometimes boggy 350 to a super crisp 450+. Able to run 2nd in tight 180 turns again. Now I am worried about too much power. Power vastly increased from very bottom to very top. I am hoping I just need get get used to it.I never had a problem keeping the front wheel down before the kit. I have about 20 min ride time with the JD And find it hard to believe this could add this much power. I love the crispness and the bottom end rocks. Been riding a 250f since 2002, and liked that the 450 didnt rip my arms out of my sockets. Now I am nervous. Any thoughts?

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