daves mods for xl600r?

OK..so daves wonder mods worked awesomely on my 94 xr650l..hats off to ya Dave..BUT..how about my 86 xl600r? Id love to ditch all that smog crap and some how make the startability easier also...if possible. Do any of the xrl mods work on the xls with their twin carbs? If not are there any mods known for these old beasts?

The non-CV carbs don't need the slide drilling, but anything street-legal might benefit from a jetting tweak.

The twin-carb models can be difficult to set-up, so just a cleaning might be the thing to do if it seems to run well.


Dynojet makes a stage one carb kit for it, new needles, e-clips and main jets, I also replaced my stock 62 pilot with a 65 pilot. I installed on mine and a FMF powercore pipe, runs strong, pulls just as hard as my 650, starts are ok, idling vastly improved no cough and die syndrome. The FMF pipe is for a XR600R but bolts up, need to rework your sidecover a bit and add some spacers to the band clamp on the silencer end.

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