The hole story

I parked the bike (650 L) and did not use my normal 'piece of wood under the sidestand' trick.

Down she went, and the gearshift put a nice crack in the side cover. Damn.

Is the fix as simple as getting a new cover, draining the oil, and swapping them out? Anybody know where I can get the parts cheaper than Honda?

The "hole" story....that's gold! Anywho's a pretty simple fix as long as a million tiny pieces didn't go inside than yes an oil drain should be fine. You might want to take the cover off and inspect it though. has pretty decent prices.

If its only cracked you can pull it, clean it in and out, and epoxy a piece of stainless over the crack- stronger than new, and the stainless will help keep it from happeneing again.

If its not evel leaking, you don't have to pull it off to epoxy a piece on.

If you do swap the cover, its pretty much as you say, you just need to swap the stator over.


Well, it looks like a crack rather than a hole, but it's leaking out pretty good. Drip...drip...drip... I would not want to ride it anywhere like it is.

I don't want to hurt the bike or have it strand me way back in there someday, but I like the epoxy idea. What type epoxy would be good to use? I have some J-B weld. Strong enough?

There are probably a lot of opinions, but I think JB Weld would work perfect for fixing it. Sand down to the bare metal where you'll be using the JB. I JB Welded a piece of 1/8" thick aluminum over that area on my XRL to prevent just that same thing from happening.

You won't even need to take off the cover if you don't think any pieces came loose inside and it isn't distorted enough to have moved the stator around in there and messed up clearances. The stator attaches to the cover on the XRL.

A suggestion to prevent a reoccurence of the tip over, I welded a large washer on the bottom of the kick stand on my 650 L. Problem solved, no more tip over.

That's a good idea; would have to be a big ol' washer I would imagine.

Thanks for the replies guys....JB weld it is.

DOes anyone make better case covers for the BRP

that's killer... my next rainy day project; hopefully sooner than later, there's already a few gouges in there.

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