What is the most knowledgeable advise you got here

Jetting advice from the Jetting God’s: Taffy & James Dean.

I can second that. Jetting info is tops on my list.

Mobil 1 Red Cap oil is probably second on the list.

As a newbie, the free mods are great. As I just changed the oil, Mobil 1 I might add, being prepared for the gush of oil out of the frame was a definite saver.

:cool:Mr Taffy and his Taffy mod and ALL his help with the jetting

cheers mate !

For me, it was the reply to my very 1st post asking about the BK mod. I got an answer within half an hour from the Swiss "Missile". He also told me about the SEARCH and I got all the instructions and used Motoman393's clear pics and extra info. I was able to do the BK mod before my new WR426 was ever started!

I got much more usefull info and a few laughs! :) It's great to be connected to the amazing international family of WR owners and thumper enthusiasts, as they are quite rare way up here in the great white north...

I learned not if... but when.... I get man boobies I can tape them to limit the amount of chaffing I experience.


Fryboy, i think you may need to see somebody about your problems. :)

Fryboy theres always the MAN-BRA :)

I learned how to like my 4-stroke!!! Coming from 2-smoke land it wasnt easy. I will never go back :D

I think CISCO's comment is right:

how to like my 4 stroke, after fouling, coughing, farting and rooting me around I got the fancy pants thing dialed in and a lot of help inlcuding jetting and free mods came from this site - it nearly got sold.

my mates still all ride CR500's so it's nice to be able to ask:


Fuel Screw quick adjuster

BK Mod (coming)

Exhaust mod's

JD/Hick/Taffy/Motoman ....etc etc

Everything is useful. :D

Because of all the infos I found here, I decided to go with a big blue bike :D. Also I've learned how reliable and fun it can be. I had my last dirt bike for 22 years, I still have my 1976 BMW 100/7 I used for my honeymoon trip, and I'm still married .( Yes dear I love you too). So you see, I try to make decisions that will stand time, and so far so good :). (I know we don't know the future.) The only thing I see coming is , what will be the reactions of my kids when I'll do an eight figure in the mud holes at 70 years old for warm up before my turn on the MX track !!!:D

Regards to all :D :D

There so much knowledge here that all you have to do is ask. If it's been done, we'll be directed. And if it's new, we'll have an answer in no time.

Thanks to all


I believe it is called the "bro" :)

I thought it was the Manzier

using timeserts for stripped out cases where the oil pan drain bolt is supposed to go.

For me it would have to be how to set my valves correctly! If any of you have ever owned a KTM you know there manuals are a complete joke. Look up adjust valves in the PRO MANUAL and it says "ADJUST VALVES". :) Lots of great jetting info as well!

So far, to switch from a WR Seat/Tank combo to a YZ Seat/Tank setup. Stefe999 let me ride his bike after we met through the site and went riding for a day.

Also, that I know very little about this particular bike. You guys amaze me daily on your modifications and willingness to help make these things run right.

Thanks for the huge database of information.



is there any place where I can buy this timesets online?

How to 'T' the air vent off the carb. Without this I would still be in that damn river kicking the crap out of this blue beast.

When I first got this 400 it was my first thumper, and after riding YZ250's for years I was not real impressed. Then I stumbled across the newly formed Thumpertalk, and got many ideas on how to improve the bike from a veteran on the list named Clark Mason. It was Clark that started most of the jetting ideas and then Taffy and JD came on board a while later and ran with it. So my top list would be:

- jetting

- YZ timing

- octopus removal

Many thanks to all of you who have helped me turn this bike into something that I will never sell.

search the net "timeserts" i must worn you there exspensive

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