What is the most knowledgeable advise you got here

sabin here is link "TIMESERTS"

10x dude!

Almost everything on my bike has been modified or maintained, or jetted , or checked or adjusted and always improved, from things I have read or seen in this place, or on links I've found in this place such as motoman 393's awesome site, This was my first seriuos thumper and I started with a blank slate, From simple things like glueing the the chain buffer to the swingarm to stop the cracking, to the bk mod and changeing valve timing, and jetting, its all been pretty much right on the money first time and for nothing more than the cost of asking.

All we really need is a suspension expert that can tell us how to revalve our own forks and shock to suit our riding style or local conditions,

I've never really seen anything that technical or full on, discussed around here, I'm watching and waiting though.

Its all good.

For me it was the part number of the YZ throttle stop so I could just plug and play rather than trim to this or that spec on throttle stop screws. By the way the number is:5JG-14591-00.

I think the best advise is that coming from riders in your area. Also just having the ability to get knowledge from the vast experience of the riders who post. thanks to all. :)

I learned that the Euro bikes run quite well out of the box and that for someone my size, suspension is the first thing to focus on. I've made good strides with the help of a local guy and MX-Tuner.

I did change jetting some, but never was able to devote the time it requires (remember Taffy? :D)

Here's another thing I found out. I hadn't even thought too much about it being a Euro WR until I found this site and everyone was complaining that the seat/tank stops you from moving too far forward. I would look at my bike and think man, how much farther forward do people want to go??

Then, I found the Yamaha Europe website and found that the Euro WRs come with the YZ seat/tank! I had a good laugh at that. The only complaint is that the YZ tank is only 2.2 Gallons. I can probably only go about 100Km to a tank (oh yeah, the odometer is in Kilometers! :))

Anyways, this place is GREAT!


best advice ive ever receved on tt was from "Mike68".i had just joined TT and only had my wr a month or two.my engine was making funny noise.i had always worked om my 2 stroke motors but was intimidated by my 4 stroke motor and afraid to take it apart to investigate problem.Mike68 convinced me that working on thumper motor was no big deal.if i could tear down a 2 stroke motor i would have no problem working on a 4 stroke motor.guess what?he was right!thanks mike where ever you are.


Mike has just moved from NH to Maine is has been trying to launch a construction business. I'll tell him what you said next time I talk to him. OR you could come out this spring for the east coast ride and thank him personally.


Scott F telling me what that awful noise in my engine was (cb-key). The local mechanics had no idea!

Thanks Scott.


Bill - plz. pass a friendly "Hello" on to Mike when you see him and let him know that I hope he gets a cold,snowy and enjoyable winter in his neck of the woods! Also best of luck with his new venture.

Peace Eh - P.Z.


Put that ride together up nort and we'll see if we can make it.

I'll tell him you say hey.


No question...the grey wire fix!! My WR250 was up for sale until I read about this little debacle that Yamaha sold me.

Thanks and good work TT'rs!! :)

bill,tell mike i said hi.i ilways wonder if he changed user names on TT ,but never asked because of i know he had trouble at work because of the c*****back deal.i figured it was best to keep my mouth shut.

Definitely the link from TT to Motoman's site, the BK mod' pic's and WR/YZ timing mod' pic's have transformed my bike. Also the help and free advice via PM's I received early on from guys like SoCal and cfisher185 have proven invaluable, thanks to everyone involved. Chris.

1) "T" the vent hoses.

2) YZ style Clarke tank / SDG seat combo

3) Grey wire

4) Still a little confused on the red cap Mobil 1 oil issue, thanks to the service mech. at my local shop. But, I don't want to start that debate again!!!!! :)

The address to the closest "free clinic"... :)

Michelin X-11 rear Trials tire on the WR400. - I would have never thought of purchasing this without the TT reviews.

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