Anyone do the Zip-Ty carb mod on their WR?

There's a thread in the YZ450 forum on the Zip-Ty FCR carb mod. Quite a few people have responded with positive reviews, but they're all riding YZ's. I realize that there's really not much difference (if any) between the WR and YZ carbs, but the difference I see is the type of riding that the YZ guys do compared to those on WR's. I'm considering this mod, but would like to hear from someone that has it done to their WR450. What kind of difference did it make and how well did this improve your bike for the type of riding you do? Was it worth the money spent? I mainly do tight woods riding. Thanks for the input.

(yes, I did do a search, but didn't find what I wanted)

Are you talking about the Zip Ty fuel screw? If so, they are well worth it. It allows you to make small changes to the fuel mixture without the use of any tools. Temperature and humidity changes day to day, and the fuel screw allows you to get your bike running at its best no matter what the weather throws at you. It's surprising what a slight turn of the screw can do for your bikes performance. Hope this helps.


Actually, no, I was talking about this mod. Essentially you send your carb to Zip-Ty and they modify the accel pump linkage, change your leak jet, and give you a new emulsion tube for your main circuit. There's a lot of good feedback about it in the YZ450 forum, but I wanted to know if anyone with a WR had tried it.

I haven't tried this mod nor do I know anyone who has, but I will say that the carb won't know if it's in a WR or a YZ so it should do what it says it will do on either engine. The only difference would be in the jetting as the YZ would normally be working more off the main jet circuit than the WR in tight woods riding. The mod seems to be selling no bogging and improved throttle response and that would be good no matter what you ride. Zipty products have always been top notch in my expereince. It's really no more money that a Quickshot so it may be well worth the effort, let us know how it goes. :thumbsup: WR Dave

I am in the process of this mod right now. I've sent my carb to them a few days ago. I'll let you all know how it turns out. I also read the post in the yz450 forum, and thats what convinced me to do it.

Sorry for the like 4 month delay lol. I've been a bit busy. Anyways the carb came back in perfect shape all cleaned up and whatnot. I didn't change any jetting because it was all good to begin with. The part that I felt the most about the mod was that it literally connected the throttle to the rear wheel, no bog, no delay, just power right when you twist it. I would not hesitate to do it again on another bike. It rips pretty good now for a wr. :thumbsup:

I haven't rode one with the Zip-ty mod but I do know a WR can be set up to have instant throttle response and no bog because mine does. My jetting is listed on the last page of the sticky or thereabouts so no need to repeat it. Of course I have a pipe and other things that make it run strong but once one gets the AP set right, it will be like riding a different bike. Doing it in a lab like Zip-Ty does would be great.

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