XR 600 California Registration fees-***???

I just received my registration for the 93 XR 600R, holly crap it was $170!! I "justified" dual sporting this bike with my wife because of the gas savings but after receiving this bill I can see the wheels turning in her head. Hopefully I can find another "justification" reason to keep it dual sported.

My question is what have you been paying to register your bike in CA? Is this amount reasonable or do you think they made a mistake? Just trying to get some information before calling my local friendly DMV office.

Somehow your bike got classified wrong. The fee is basically about $50 with some added for your vehicles value. I pay about $54 for my old bikes including my XR600.

Hope the fees haven't changed.

i don't live in Cali any moe, but that sounds stupid high. shoot them a letter or email.


What are you Complaining about?

Bureaucrats are Not Cheap;

Esp their Retirement!

Fire all of Congress

and the State Legislators

and County Commissars,

and City Council.

Fire All of them,

until they Shrink civil government

and the amount of Regulations.

Less regulations and Bureaucrats = Less need for Taxes and Fees.

I have two renewals on my desk to pay. One a 1976 XR75 and the other a2005 CRF250r. Both are 50.00 each. My 1996 XR400 and 1994 XR600 are both plated and run about the same. The DMV did something wrong, call or email them. Email might be faster, I've been on hold before forever.

Was your registration late, you'll take a big hit if it was.

My question is did you just dualsport it? If you just registered it/ dualsported it, the initial will be a little high. And if you just got it registered as a dualsport in Cali I would be happy with the bill. That should not of happened to begin with.

'06 650L runs about $47, my '85 XR350 will probably be about $500, have'nt registered it in about 8 yrs.

I just renewed my plated 96' XR600 in March - $50.

Just received notice on my 88 Four Trax $ 50 Let ya know what XRL costs in Oct. Along with 88 P/U, 72 Blazer, 01 Montereo. Oh ya Insurance due then. Damm better start saving up! LOL

P.S. Your 83 XR no longer exists according to DMV, no back fees.

If you don't know already you can go to the California DMV website and get a full breakdown of fees for registering any vehicle and the late fee calculations.

Thanks!! I thought that was really high. I'll try the DMV website first and see if I can get somewhere.

2001 XR650R Dual Reg $54+$25

2002 XR650R Plate only $54

1999 RoadKing $103

There is a mistake. Try AAA. They make be able to help you better than the dmv.

OK, called the DMV and all the person did was repeat back to me on what was on my bill. I asked about the license fee and why it is so high and the only response I received was "this phone line is for information only, you have to go to your local DMV" seriously, that's what he said. so I said, "well then we are in agreement, that's what I am calling about - information. can you answer my question" another 10 minutes of arguing went by with that moron before I just said forget it and hung up. below is the billing I copied off the web (Thanks brianm767!). does this look like your bill?

Transaction Date: April 10, 2008

Type of Calculation: Registration Renewal

Vehicle License Number: XXXXX

Vehicle Identification Number: XXXXXXXX

Type of Vehicle: Motorcycle

Model Year: 1993

Make of Vehicle: HOND

Motive Power: Gas

County: Los Angeles

Zip Code: 91304

Registration Period: Jun 10, 2008 - Jun 10, 2009

Current Registration: 31.00

Current California Highway Patrol: 10.00

Current Vehicle License Fee: 117.00

Current Motorcycle Safety Fee: 2.00

Current County Service Authority for Freeway Emergencies Fee: 1.00

Current Fingerprint ID Fee: 1.00

Current Auto Theft and/or DUI Crime Deterrence Program: 1.00

Current Air Quality Management District: 6.00

Current South Coast Air Basin: 1.00

Grand Total Registration Fees: $170.00


Looks like Cali has promoted "rape" as motorcycle ownership detterent technique.

$56 tags and all in Oklahoma

"...kinfolk said, California is the place to be. So the loaded up the truck and moved to Berverly..."

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