Jetting question/introduction

if you've the snorkel fitted i can thoroughly recommend my jetting copied.

when you deoctopuss. do the blocking and the pipes etc but don't copy the jetting.

nobody yet has had a problem with the figures below. we can cure 'em when they do mind ya! but nothing yet.

everyone has done winter jetting so far to my specs. according to most the jetting will go down in the spring so if you don't rich is safe right?

also check out "help i'm a new guy"


This forum is great. I'm addicted, spent several nights searching, reading till 2 am. Just came off 1/4 midget racing with my Son. We had forums, but they turned into b**ch sessions and many perfomance enhancements became political secrets.

I'm a recent owner of a '99 WR400, haven't ridin it too much. This bike loves to flood. Typical Yamaha, rich from the factory just like their sleds. I will be ordering the assorted parts for de-octopusing, re-jetting and doing the APJ,(Taffy), mod.

Taffy and JD I'm in Michigan, USA, 0-500 ft., humid, cold winters, hot summers. Would either of your jetting specs. be a good baseline to start?

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