East Pa Paragon Ride Nov 17th

Hi Thump Chumps!!!! Wasszzzzuuuuup!

DRN has a thread going in the places to ride forum. Good bunch of guys as many of you know. I though I would come over here and let my buds know too!!! The more the better. The ride is for Sunday Nov 17th at Paragon http://www.paragonap.com/

Paragon is just outside Hazelton Pa right off I 81 and Pa 924, there are directions on their site, great riding and more trails than you can handel in one day and if you do get boared look me up and Ill show you some more!!! LOL.

If you have any other questions that are not covered on their site give me an email at jasongman@netzero.com or if you want my cell # to hook up and hang out. I was up just this last weekend and they have some sweet new trails including some single track that separates the men from the boys, and some of the men from their bikes too!!! :) . Oh and they had a consession trailer selling all types of scooby snacks too!!! Ummmmm yummmy!

Can you say roooocks????

Yup, they gots rocks! Paragon is know for its rocks, so set your suspensions soft and make sure all your nuts and bolts are tight and your skid plates are installed!!! I rode Blue Thunder all day and the only thing I had trouble with was my header pipe came loose and I had a flat front tire, but I think it was flat when I started the day. If you cant ride rocks I would not ride Paragon, but then, most of us in the North East ride rocks as part of the deal. The sorrounding area has much less rocks and more coal and silt hills, pits and basins.

The only bike I saw go down Saturday was a DRZ 400 that deflected off a rutt, went sideways and caught a stump with the back wheel and high side :D:).

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