Taffy in the USA-never!

yep! i booked it up today. business has been good in'02 so i'm off to see an english mate in houston and i booked it this morning. first time over and i'm looking forward to visiting the land of plenty.

i asked him if we could visit louisiana area/cajun and "southern comfort" ( i dunno what i'm on about!)area? he tells me it's about a day and a half away. but it's only 2" on the bloody map!

eh! vast comes to mind!

sorry i haven't been around much but it looks like so many of you have got the jetting right nowadays that you're gladly giving of your time and goodwill to help others and that's great.

i must admit i do miss the layout of the old site with it's long, long list of threads for the "previous ten days".

i miss the excitment of all those tests and coming back to the board and babbling like a twit-well maybe just the babbling bit anyway!

don't know what i'm going to do as i'm staying with my friend-we'll sort it. coming over from 27/12 to 03/01. if i remember rightly flat tracking is a mid-west thing so i'm not going to see the 21st wonder of the world i suppose.

everyone has told me about the portions and the tipping. you gotta tip out here or they get really pissed!

the portions? order one and feed four!

anyway i'll let you know how it goes. as some of the old timers will know i come from the mildenhall/lakenheath area of the UK and i've had USAAF living on my left and right all my life. so i hope i have a head start.


Great to hear from ya Taff!!

Taffy coming to the USA!im shocked :shocked:glad see your alive and well,was starting to wonder.wish i didnt have plans during christmas or i would drive on down there and meet your silly limey arse!you could tell me what you think of my jetting! :) how long does it take to drive across the u.k.?takes 6-7 hours just to drive across colorado! :D

to cross the uk. well from the pregnant belly on the left called anglia, right on the coast to mine is an hour. it's four more to my dads country in the pregnant bit on the left called wales and the coast is another hour at the tops so i reckon it's 6 hours to cross the uk!

i think the uk fits into the USA about 100 times. i've watched a docu on the alamo so i'll be able to talk to any o them red necks now!



You must try and get East of the Mississippi!!! Quite a difference from Texas. :)

I live in Houston and New Orleans is about 4-5 hours away. You will be here during Mardi Gras time (late Feb-early March)) and it is a must-see event in New Orleans.

Don't miss it.

i've watched a docu on the alamo so i'll be able to talk to any o them red necks now!

oh boy,i wish i could be there to see it!make sure and get the biggest,silliest hat you find immediately! :)

Taffster! You're alive after all!

I just posted a few days ago wondering why we haven't heard lately from the crusty curmudgeon himself.

You'll enjoy Texas, though I hear Houston is a bit different from the rest. Just bring your cowboy boots and hat and you'll fit right in, LOL!

skthom, I think he means Dec 27 to Jan 3. They do some funny things in the UK. Warm beer, Lucas electricals, driving on the left side of the road and the right side of the car, mixing up their months and days.

Sometimes don't understand 'em, but what would we do without 'em???

Have a great visit, Taff.


I am not sure you understand how the ROTW writes their dates... Taffy was saying coming over from 27/12 to 03/01.

Translated from English/Australia/etc it means 27 December to 3rd January... We write DD MM YY - smallest to biggest units... I am afraid he is probably going to miss Mardi Gras... :)

All you guys in Houston should ride out to the Airport and give him the blue escort back into town... :D

Jetting MasterClass workshops all weekend...? Who has the biggest garage? :D Get the chilli bubbling, and get the wives baking... :D

Nice to hear you are still around Taffy... this (WR) side will liven up once the new WR450's are available to the public... like the YZ side was reinvigorated a couple of months ago... and the 250 side has even started building hybrids with 03 cams in 01 & 02 bikes... LOL



Nice to hear you are still around Taffy!

Man you had to post 2 days ago, before I accuse TT members not treating you well, so you dissapeared...

i'll sup a beer with anyone who wants to come down. no bikes i suppose but i like a chat. just need a dose of adrenalin upfront though.

even at the age of 41 a man can change and getting some money in the bank and some security has done me the world of good recently. i'm still as acidic but probably not looking for the next argument as a couple (only one! ah! hell come on!) of years back.

in september i did the munich oiktoberfest with 17 other lads and at half term i went to greece on a kind of watersports holiday so i'm really chilled out now.

because i'm freckily, i avoid holidays to the sun but late october was fine for me at about 30 degrees. i'd never scuba'd, snorkeled, sailed or water ski'd.

[censored] i was such a poor swimmer, when i told some kids in the pool how lucky they were in the summer, my lifeguard (less than half my age and my employee) lent over me and said "well it's about time you stopped making excuses and learnt!". so i've been taking lessons since september and that's really helped.

skier of the week on the hols. so much like riding the bike and of course had all the muscle groups to do the job. kept trying to sink back every time i came to a rough bit-old habits diehard. :)

i'm going to snow ski in february with my sunday night quiz team from the local. first time at that as well.

basically i had no money for nearly ten years and only did the isle of man races so you'll forgive me for being rather pleased with things at the moment.

changing the subject to the new WR450, i read the report on it yesterday in the TBM which is THEE english rag for these things. essentially they like the leccy start, they noticed more grunt off the bottom, the brits get the big 10 litre tank BACK AGAIN which they hated.

sadly though they dismissed it as a trail bike and no longer good enough to enduro race. the weight is up four kilos which is about 6-7LB's. over these three years of racing i can't tell you how many XR400 and WR400 riders i've seen dripping in sweat, falling, falling and falling again. did i say falling? STALLING, ah! there's a subject. yep if they weren't falling they were stalling and of course the ultimate-falling and stalling!!!!

they say the carb and sussies are great and there are lots of nice new touches including a safer starting button.

but because we race in mud and rain in europe it is going to be too much for a serious racer and yamaha i think have given up that particular fight.

i think they've worked it out that the vast trail market and the USA (all bar north east coast perhaps) will just line her up and BLAST the oppo. weight isn't such an important factor.

yamaha still daren't sell them over here with the road legaliser kit. that would add weight and she's a porky bess anyway.

overall though, superb trail bike which is what i believe most of you here use them for anyway. so no big deal-right?


Thats twice you've been on today you frekily _____ker, be carful now you'll be cop'n abuse soon. :):D

oops, my wife said you've probably just got up.


Where will be any layovers? I'd like to buy you a beer for the help on my jetting.


It would be nice to see ya at Garretts memorial race Dec 1st.... La is just a stone throw

Welcome to the states


If you want to come to Austin and do some riding in the Texas Hill Country, let me know. I've got a bike you can ride.I ride with a group of guys from the UK.

Austin is about 2 hours from Houston.


Someone buy taffy a beer or two for me as well,

My bike absolutly hammers, starts first kick and I would never have got it jetted to run so clean and awesome without his help. throttle response is almost telepathic.

thanks taffy

lovin it!

thanks lads for those kind words. you

smooth talking gits :)

i'll let you know as i get nearer. i think you know what it's like, no gear and so much expected of you. i've only just learnt to ride with ma feet up. next week i get rid of the stabaliser wheels. now you won't be too hard on me now will you?

stopover would be awkward bill as i get the feeling i'm in a pull out bed and i am of course very much a guest myself.

i'm trying to find a kind of central town for all things cajun. any help?

may try and take in a a game of american footie as i'm told it's quite an experience.

more as i go lads ye?


Hey Taff,

Long time, no hear Pal!!

I would enjoy having a warm brew w/ you!!

taffy, ain't no thang dude. Just wondering if you would be changing planes anywhere near SE Pennsylvania. I would be willing to make a trip to say hi and buy ya a cold one.

Let me know dude!


Hey Taffy I'm in Houston. Let me know what you want to do and I'll try and steer you in the right direction.

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