WR450 Charging issues....

Wondering if anyone has experienced charging issues with thier WR450? I'm on an '06 with Baja Designs full dual sport kit, and the required stator mod. The issue I'm having is anytime I go on an extended ride the bike is killing batteries anytime I run lighting. The bike is always kept on a Battery Tender so it starts fresh, and by time I return the battery is so depleted that it will not accept a charge. Recently four rides and four batteries. Tech support at BD was helpful but did'nt solve anything and finally they sent me a complete new kit. Same troubles. To answer the obvious question I have put a volt meter on the bike at idle and at rpm's, lights on and off with all readings within normal limits according to BD. Also tested for grounding issues and BD said readings OK. And, I'm told the HID lighting actually draws less power once up and going than the stock bulb. So, any input appreciated. Thankshttp://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/images/smilies/banghead.gif

Your system may be overcharging the battery and cooking it. What are your idle voltage readings, those at about half throttle and those at 3/4 throttle?

I think you meant HID, not HD lighting right? HID's draw about 85 watts for a few seconds at startup then the draw drops to about 35 watts while normal running.

If that doesn't ID your problem, I would double check your stator mod. I had problems with mine.

Good ideas, the charge readings were done a while back so it's probably smart to take a new set since HID install. Way dig the bike, but chasing a ghost! Will follow up...... Any more ideas?

Any update? I have the same issue, 03 with the Baja Designs kit. If I only run the tail light, everything is fine, but if I run the head light, the batt will die after about 30 minutes of riding.

Is this normal riding or low rpm stuff like tight single track. If low rpm for an extended amount of time it's possible to kill the battery as the stator is not putting out enough to keep up. Did BD mod your stator to unify the power, meaning it all goes to the battery now as dc rather than a dc trickle charge to the battery and ac to the lighting?

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