Cartridge Forks

I have never owned a bike with cartridge forks so I have a very basic question.

I noticed that I have a area on both forks where you can feel a light coating of fork oil where the forks have compressed. The area is very consistant with where the forks have compressed, and is equal on both sides. Nothing is running down the fork tubes so I am pretty sure my seals are okay.

Is it normal to get this light sheen of oil?

You might want to pull down the dust seals to see if the area between the dust seals and oil seals is leaking, or if there is just quite a bit of grease there as a means of intercepting dirt.

I pulled off the fork legs tonight and they definately are leaking. Not real bad right now, but there is oil at the bottom of the sliders where it has run down the leg. So off to the dealer tomorrow. The dude I bought the bike from (owner of dealership) said that he would take care of it. So no sweat.

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