Help, Im a new Guy!!!

Are you the came chris tucker that used to live in post Falls? Oh yea you are lean.

162/165 MJ (or another faster combo is 155MJ/160MAJ).

DTM on clip 4

go down to a 35PJ/45PAJ if you want or just get a 40PJ to go with that 75PAJ you already have.

the deoctopuss can be found in the entrance archive to this forum. don't listen to the jets mentioned as they're out of date. just blank all the bits and get rid of the octopuss.

finally turn your accelerator pump stroke down to just .024" of travel at the rod. this, called the Taff mod, can be found on jetting Qs which is an old thread that's only a bit over 10 days old so go search here, the WR page, back 20 days.

this is my bike


Hey guys... I've had a 99 wr400 since I ordered it in 99 and I imediately got a FMF exhaust system. I think its a magamax (I can't remember now) I also took the throtle stop off, and took the air lid off. I've used it this way for several years now. And now I find this board and find out all these things that it shouldn't be doing because of the jetting. It takes along time to rev down, backfires, etc. etc. Anywho... Can someone tell me what jets I need to get to get my back to normal. Like I said I took the air box lid off and got a FMF mega max (supertrap kind) exhaust, and I took the throtle stop off. I am planing on cuting the grey wire also. Thanks for the help guys!


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