many questions!!!

After How many rides should i change my oil? how many hours of riding? Whats the best bark busters or hand guards for best price? Should i jet my bike after i put the pipe on? i have a full fmf titanium 4 on a 98' yz400f... What jet kit should i get?

I use a rule of thumb like 1 hour = 60~100 miles of wear and tear and change the oil every '1,000' miles or less. But I am a woods rider. On a mx track, I would be at every '500' miles or less.

Best stuff like busters/guards is amtter of preference and money. Often, cheap stuff is simply cheap stuff and may not do the job.

Best jet kit is a James Dean. also get either a Kientech or Kouba fuel screw from him too. And yes, a full, open pipe needs jetting adjustments.

im just lookin for best hand guards or bark busters for reasonable price i dont mind paying a good price if they are good quality. and what about zip ty fuel screw? are the ones u stated better?

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