450 power obsession

So I got a 08 WR450 3 months ago. I was thinking about getting a DRZ400 or maybe a WR250….But it had to be green sticker. It was going to be my first dirt bike since 1990. I went with the WR450 because I wanted a more “state of the art” bike. Mainly for the handling, suspension and I figured I’d never have to dump any money into power adders.

Anyway, I figured I’d leave it stock. I rode it once, and beginning of the ride I was like, wow this is powerfull. Maybe too much bike. But by the end of the day, I thought it was OK. So I got the GYTR exhaust baffle. First ride, I was feeling maybe too much power, but by the end of the day it was OK. I rode it like that for a while. I pinned it a lot, but that was OK. I wanted more but wasn’t 100% sure how to go after it. so… I spent time reading thumper talk.

So… then I did the grey wire and the throttle stop. And the first ride…I thought maybe I had made a mistake. But I liked it. And by the end of that trip I was comfortable.

So for the next ride.. I installed the JD jet kit and took out the snorkel. Went for my first ride and thought WOW this is too much bike, I’m going to hurt myself. But by the end of the day I’m thinking about what kind of pipe and rear tire I should get. :thumbsup:

You have moved into whats called speed adiction it okay most of us have it just dont tell your wife how fast your ridiing Ive clock close to 75mph and it was still puilling hard. Do yourself a favor and invest in good gear.

While I would love to have an 08 or 07 model, I recently got a new 06 WR450F off the dealer floor. I haven't riden in 15 years, the last bike being a CR250, and I must say I was little apprehensive about going to a 450 4-Stroke after nearly 2 decades. The dealer recommended I take my time on the bike and noted there was a lot more under the seat with some mods.

I road it down my street and couldn't believe how SLOW it was. I read this forum and removed the AIS (Thumper-Talk kit), put in the YZ throttle stop, disconnect grey wire, bought a JD Jetting kit, installed Pro Moto Billet Insert, and removed the snorkle in the intake (I did not do the punch outs).

I broke the bike in a couple weekends ago. All I can say is WOW; :confused: I love this bike. It has plenty of power, and more importantly for me, the power is controllable. It's surely not a YZ (if I wanted one, I would have bought one). It is a pure joy in the woods and on the trail.

I must thank all you fellow riders on this forum board.:thumbsup: You have helped me to quickly (and cheaply) transform my bike into what I wanted.:thumbsup:

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