"shock savers" while transporting...

football under the front fender between the forks... Seems to keep the bike more stable and reduces having to really crank the tie-downs as much.
That's a crack up!!

Dirt bike ingenuity right there. You'd fit right in with desert racers!!

A year or so ago Motocross Action Magazine had a letter asking about this same thing. The editor responded by saying if the suspension can take a hit from the landing off a 40 ft. double then it can certainly take an hour or two of being lightly compressed in the back of your truck. :thumbsup:

If it can take 12 miles of whoops in the desert at 45 mph, it can stand being bottomed out in my truck for a week, or transported down any dirt road in a bike shoe, either one. The comparisons pale, I'm afraid.

you can use the straps to cut all side to side motion....but I have not had any bearing issues using these. I have been using them since 1998.

ever since i started using them, ive had 3 bearing problems. i only run 8lbs of air in my tires, Michelin MS3's (super stiff sidewall) but maybe i should try to air them up before i fasten the bike in. cause the tire actually soaks up the movement.

I use a 2x4. I feel it helps with the bounce and is easier to sinch down. Besides, it looks better than a saggy ol' deflated POS in the back of a pick up.

i have one from UFO. works great, keeps the bikes locked into my pickup bed, quick and easy to put into and out of wheel, best 10 bucks i ever spent

my buddy was preaching to me how I needed to use one because it is easier on your forks, blaaa,blaa; and so on, I finished cinching my bike down and said I'd see him in the morning. He used his fork saver alright which cost him dearly, he pulled the tie down super tight and it broke half way home, his bike landed on I-5 at 60 mph slid down the ditch thankfully, really tore his bike up. I think I'll keep on tying my bike down the same way I have for the last 20 years, I haven't had any issues as of yet.

He used his fork saver alright which cost him dearly, he pulled the tie down super tight and it broke half way home, his bike landed on I-5 at 60 mph

I don't see how using a fork saver would cause the tie down strap to brake.

If the straps are damaged or weak to begin with, they are going to break regardless of how you tie your bike down.

I use them...just for some piece of mind and I can tighten the straps as tight as I want without feeling guilty. Just my 2cents

If you guys are that worried about cinching down the tie downs too tight, a better alternative (though more expensive) would be to buy or make one of those rails that goes across the front of the truck bed that have spots to park the front tire in. They keep the tire from moving from side to side, and you hardly have to tighten your tie downs.

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