bash plates

gday, i need to buy my '00 WR400 a bash plate and i'm just wondering what to go for.. I use my bike for about 70% motocross, 28% trail and 2% road. I'm thinking about getting this Works Connection thing.. skid-plate.jpg

Is that going to be enough protection ? Or is a proper enduro type one more suitable from say, Devol ?? I reckon they look pretty ugly personally.. but hey, if it's better for the bike.

Do the WC ones cover the frame rails on the bottom so I can ride over logs and stuff confidently ? cheers :)

Consider getting something big enough to cover the water pump and the flywheel cover too. If you're going for protection go big. Yeah they are ugly but so is a rock through the flywheel cover.

I found the BOSS bashplate to be the best, it covers the water pump and uses the original mounting points, it cost $145.00.

Impaired, It look's as though that the plate you show does not give much more protection than the factory YZ type glide plate..beleve me, I searched high and low for that perfect plate for months. Even to the point of almost haveing a brother TT'er in England (GUY) ship one out to me. Then low and behold, I see a guy with exactly what I was looking for, no hangers to get mis-alinged on hard bashes, mounts to the original mount holes, lotsa ugly H20/mag cover protection. I was in bash plate nirvana! The answer was in front of me the whole time! Factory Yamaha GYTR (sp?) Skid plate $75.00 U.S.. I have since seen the one made in France (can't recall the name) and it's awesome. Apologies for the long story.....


hmmmm ok, cheers.

socal: is this the one you mean ?

I see it's got the little wing bits which are good for water pump protection etc, i take it ?

Here's the works connection one:

It probably doesn't have the best protection, but i don't have anything on there atm.. and it's definately better than nothing! hmm.. i dunno though.. still not overly convinced. Any other feedback ?

Check out Flatlands Racing. Mike is great to work with and they are bullet proof.

Impaired, Sorry to take so long to get back to you, Iwas outta town..The Yamaha plate you show does not look too much like mine, mine goes up the front of the frame up to the frame oil drain bolt. Also I believe mine covers more of the frame around the footpeg area. I believe the French company I mentioned is CRD, check TT test's for info on that company. They are a-bit pricey though....SoCal

I've got a White Bros. Seems much more stout than the rest, and has great coverage. Attaches at factory mounting points, and does a good job protecting the mag cover and water pump. I ride in and around rocks a good part of the time, and have only bashed my way through it once in a 40mph argument with a huge rock. Same crash that dealt a nearly fatal injury to my radiator. Here's the URL:

Have a look and see for yourself.


I installed a Devol glide plate. It is wider than stock and covers the frame across the bottom. It also mounted using the stock holes in the frame.

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