Mud flap thing

Anyone have an extra mud flap thing that came with the bikes that you dont need or would like to trade for a few $$'s? I seem to have lost mine and would like to put it back on. I always find myself in very dirty conditions and every little bit of help for my air filter is welcome.



Acerbis has them for $12 bucks and they will ship it to your door no charge.

-- Acerbis web site --

don't worry about your air filter - one stone ship on the chrome of the rear shock and the $'s are big.

I have used a piece of oil bottle in an emergency after ripping my flap off with a paddle, other thing you can do is a bit of 100 mile an hour tape (race tape) around the spring.

I think he may be refering to the peice of rubber that goes at the front of the air box.

I think you may be right - looks like I fell for the old "wrong flap" trick.


Long as there flaps i recon. :)

Hey your not the sapper on the eatmydirt forum are ya??

Yeh that would be me - "Snapper02" as Snapper seemed to come to grief and stopped working. Also Feral on DBW where it wouldn't accept Snapper as name - not sure which handle I prefer.


Cool, guess you've seen my name around then??

Thanks guys, looks like I'll call Acerbis.

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