Electrical Issues 05 wr450

I think I am having an electrical problem of some kind. I have a fully 'charged battery, however, when I try to start my bike, it doesn't do anything.

The LED is not lit on the switch to turn the ingition ciruits on.

I don't have any sort of diagram on the existing electrical system. Does anyone know where to start?

Is it dual sported? If so, that's where I'd be suspicious. Even if it isn't, go from simple to complex, i.e. kill switch, neutral switch, fuses, shorts, regulator/rectifier, stator, in that order...SC

Yep.... its dual sported. But I have the TrickDualSport kit on. Its wired in directly to the battery. But it works just fine.

I guess I will start with trying to get the LED to come on. That would be the basics.

Sounds like the fuse is blown or the switch is bad. There must be power to the CDI box to get the led to light.

dont hack it yet

push the putton(on)

kick start it

see if the light comes on

if it does tighten the leads on the fuse box under the seat

if that dont work its your starter relay (fuse block)

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