more pavement pics..

i was worried about my clutch but it held up just fine. i guess it needed a lil breaking in. :thumbsup:

im not complaining, she held up pretty good.

#21, me


yep, wheres waldo/21? and the first half of the grid doesnt even fit in the frame.. a lil mishap in the heat caused my main event start to be at the back of the pack. :thumbsup:


passed like 6 people on this outside line.. :confused:


had the rhythm section dialed in and made up a lot of ground on it.



huuuuge starting grid



the whoops were gnarly...


That looks like a blast! Does the bike react very differently in the air because of the moto wheel/tire set up?

The dude behind you in the last pic is a BIG GUY!!! Awesome pictures man...looks like a whole hell of a lot of fun:thumbsup:

it reacts slightly different. the smaller diameter doesnt give you the full gyro effect as much but the jumps arent nearly as big as an MX track.

and yea...the big boy....he just went a lap down in that pic. but heck, at least he was out there! its so much fun.

How much money to get your bike ready for supermoto.

looks like a blast..

mac, it depends. im a lil crafty so i built my own wheels, machined my own caliper bracket and retrofitted a rotor from one of my other bikes, etc. so it was pretty inexpensive for me. id say if you were wanting to find a new set-up, youd probably spend in the $1500-$2000 range to get you goin. of course, used parts are usually available for less. then theres the running cost of $300 tires ,blah blah. thats not including suspension work and all that, but you can be competitive and have fun with just making adjustments to the stock suspension.

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