426 Stroker Kit?

does anyone have any info on a stroker kit available for the 426 engine?

I remember hearing some discussion about it but was wondering if anyone knew of a webiste with information.


Powroll makes one ...


And I have heard from independent sources that it works well.

I am going to stroke my own crank(no comments) when I split my cases.

I am also researching another stroker that I have heard of that strokes the crank 2.5mm, for a 5mm net gain.

It also uses a 5mm longer rod for better rod ratio.

I am going to talk to the fellow who did this in the near future to see if he had to clearance the cases too.

This bring the motor out to 504cc's with the stock 95mm bore, I believe.

I am also going to try to work up a cam for the combination, should be a real handfull!

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Please let me know what the deal with this kit is, at 504cc that sounds like a good beefy displacement and may yield big #'s eh ?

Interested indeed!, big concern would be valve clearance #'s

If the same deck to piston clearace or squish is used valve to piston clearance shouldn't be any more of an issue than a standard degreeing set-up.

Maybe I misunderstood you.

It is not really a kit at this point although if interest were to build it could be considered.

I will have to build it and dyno test it first to make sure it really works as well as this fellow says it does.

I know the bigbore kit is very enjoyable.

Originally posted by SFO:

I am going to stroke my own crank (no comments) when I split my cases.

I see your from San Francisco. Enough said!!!!


I would think that a combination of big bore and stroked would be the absolute best path to bigger power, however I called Poweroll on Friday and they will not do the required work to the piston with a big bore slug say from Wiseco? they will only modify your NEW stock piston for valve clearance (and they actually dish the top of the piston as well) which is part of the "package' they sell, this really befuddles me because I know more power can be had from a bore/stroke combination than from either one of these options by itself. As they say: "theres no replacement for displacement" SO what gives?

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