Strange starter issue

I searched and could not find any info on this problem. My starter does not want to engage and start. If you shut the bike off, it starts back up fine. If you crash and stall, or stall while locking up the rear tire it will do nothing. I found it would bump start right away. Then I discovered that if I left it in gear and tried to roll it, something would engage and then it would fire right up with the button. Any ideas on what the problem is.

Does the starter spin? Just not thrusting the pinion outward?

The starter does nothing. Then when you roll it in gear a foot, it will fire right up with the button.

I wonder if a ground point is loose.

No click or anything?


Nothing! The headlight will dim.

Sounds like the starter engagement mechanism is binding up.

If you turn the engine backwards it'll engage, also.

Maybe popping that gear-cover open and doing a little greasing will turn the trick.


No Starter turn, but headlite Dims

The headlite Dimming means the Starter motor is getting voltage.

Check the Voltage at the battery,

then at the starter Motor.

Both sides of the Connector,

at the starter Motor.

should be close to same.

I think it is a bad connection,

Check Starter Motor, Starter Solenoid, Battery.

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