having trouble with my rekluse lurching

hey guys i've been trying to get my darn clutch to stop lurching on me, but can't seem to get it to.

i am running synth blend 5-30 in it. its what i run in both sides. i am using the less stiff of the 2 springs, so that it engages sooner upon opening the throttle, but i've always got serious lurching at idle.

A slight creeping is normal, but it sounds like you have more than that. Have you checked your Installed Gap? If it's too tight it will cause the problem you're having. The next possibility is a warped drive plate. You can place your plates on a pane of glass (or another flat surface) to check for warpage. You can also try to back your idle down a bit and see if that helps any.

i'm pretty sure its not too tight. the last real ride i did with the bike was in moab last year, and i think it would be too loose if anything. i guess i'll pull all the plates out and check for warpage.

thanks dude.

I had to use the stiffer of the two springs to keep mine still at idle. Works absolutely perfect now.

put regular rotella dino oil in it and run the gap near .040in..........do you have the pro or z

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