I have been a dumb ass all winter. I would fire it(DRZ400S) up to keep the battery happy but its too cold to ride. But I digress, over the weekend i tried to fire her up but would not run un-choked. So i let her run a good while just tooling up and down the street. She finally would go to half choke but was still struggling. i can assume that maybe gas has gotten ugg in the floats but i am slightly unskilled at CARB carbs, is there a EZ fix or do i just drag it to the shop? Its been a long time since i have busted my own knuckles but i will if someone will give me some good step by step instruct.......man i miss 2strokes:excuseme:and yes that little vacume hose is hooked up.

sounds like the pilot circuit is dirty,possible bad fuel?,

2 stroke/4 stroke doesn't really matter... leaving the bike over the winter without gas stabilizer is going to clog the pilot jet... as you have.

Hey DRZ40s,

I know that carbs seem intimidating, but they really aren't that hard to work on and clean. It's actually rather simple if you just take your time. The only real pain in the ass on them is removing it, and re-installing it. That is the only part that I have a friend help me with. I COULD do it on my own, but having someone else pull back the rubber boot on the airbox really makes a difference.

Remove the carb. Have a nice area of work-bench set aside and lay down a white rag or white t-shirt. This gives you an area to take the carb apart, and you can see all of the individual parts a lot easier. Take your time, remove the float bowl, remove the pilot jet, main jet, floats, and inspect your gasket. Remove the top of carb/needle. Buy some Berrymans B-12 or some Berrymans carb cleaner. I like to soak the pilot jet in the cap of the spray with some cleaner in there as well. Just go through and clean everything, spraying through all the holes as well. BE CAREFUL when doing this because that stuff HURTS if it gets in your eye. Plus it may make your future children look funny :thumbsup:

Take time to notice how things came apart, and put them back the same. I'm sure there must be a better write up on how this can be done. You will save yourself a TON of money instead of paying someone else to do this. Plus, if you don't alredy have a jet kit, this would be a great time to buy one and install it. It's really that easy.

You can even ask Eddie what your jetting should be. Tell him what kind of exhaust you have, air filter, if you have done the 3x3 mod, and what part of the country you live in (elevation). I asked him and he gave me spot on settings for my carb.

If you need anymore help, you can PM me directly, or I am sure there are quite a few members on the board that can help you. Learning how to do this is a great thing to know, AND it will save you money.


OTG- well put...can't see anything you forgot... nice that all us warm weather types can smugly tell them how to do it, huh?

I rode 5 times last week.

thanks to all da :thumbsup: input. cant seem to find my shop manual anywhere :confused: around the house, "the ol-lady":worthy: always put'n dream books and bike rags n thrash all da time. it may be found but if anyone has a good schematic on file that u could send or post it would be a life saver$$$$$$$$$$:thumbsup:

Don't feel bad DRz40s. I did the same thing. Actually bought it that way and then still haven't cleaned the carb yet. I'm sure the pilot circuit IS at fault and they're quite easy to clean up. It'll run like a champ with a cleaning. We stil have about 2 feet of snow on the ground here in Maine - but the roads are quite clear so it's time for all of us to be riding bikes to cut down on the oil problems. If I can do it in Maine - you can do it in Va.

For you guys down south giving the cold weather tips - hey, call me up in August and I'll give you some hot weather tips. Sometimes it gets up to 80 here. EGAD.

For you guys down south giving the cold weather tips - hey, call me up in August and I'll give you some hot weather tips. Sometimes it gets up to 80 here. EGAD.


and if you're real good we might even take you out on the snowmobiles too!!!:thumbsup:

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