Scotts Damper / Triple Clamp / Panoram

I just picked up the damper kit from Scotts. Triple clamp, pro tapers, and damper.

Havent brought it home from work yet, but it looks like I may have a problem with my Panoram getting it mounted with the billet mount. Can I just use the stock bar mount bolts?



My Motard pics link

Click this link above and youll see the exact setup on my bike.

It mounts perfect. HOWEVER, i did get some longer button head stainless bolts for the panoram bracket where it bolts to the top clamp, I didnt feel the reach of the bolts provided in the Scotts kit was adequate and did not want to strip the bolts or risk having the bars end up in my lap, plus the button head bolt is a little more sano looking.


I had the same challenge and solved it by purchasing longer bolts to guarantee enough threads into the tripleclamp. Very easy fix.

Keep Roostin'


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