upgrade 97 dr350se or buy new bike

is it worth upgrading a dr350? the mods i would be upgrading: springs, pipe, intake/carb. i have stripped some weight off of it, the easy stuff. it has a 4 gallon tank. i ride mostly desert technical terrain and hills, not the extreme hills. i'm wondering if the mods would make enough of a difference or should i get a drz?

The DR350 needs the most help in the suspension. Most will replace the forks with USD or conventional cartridge type models. Stock damper rod forks can be upgraded with "emulators" and springs, but don't expect much improvement. Rear shock should get re-valved with Racetech gold valve.

Pumper carb will run $230 and you will need the intake / airbox boots from the dirt model to mount it. E-start models also need a spacer on the intake side to push the carb back far enough to clear the starter. You can easily spend $600 or more with these mods. It will be on par with a "S" model DRZ and still be a bit lighter.

If you buy a stock DRZ400S, you will most likely need springs and the usuall carb / exhaust hop up parts. Street models are heavy and also have the vacuum carb, mild cams, and lower compression piston. Don't buy anything older than a 2002, that was the first year for the cartridge fork.

Compare prices and decide what works best for you. Take a DRZ for a ride if you can, that will give you a good idea on which way to go.

thank you, i really appreciate the info.

I just performed all of those mods on my 1991 DR350S. The cost added up when it was all said and done, but i'd still have to say it was worth it. couldn't be happier with the perfromance gains, and this is still a very solid bike. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=622920

:thumbsup: I think about this often.

I know w/ all the mods ($$$$) I have in to my 92 DR350s, I've gone to far to let it go. I'd guess BB value is around $1000, I probably have around 3K into mine.

No matter what I do to my bike @ the end of the day it is still a 92 DR350s, a $1000 bike (relatively speaking). :thumbsup:

If you can get close to what you have into your DR & really want to upgade go ahead. There are alot more DS options now. Keep in mind you'll want to upgrade what ever you own.

Once you start upgrading it's hard to stop.

after reading your replies and other threads i found on TT. i decided i'm going to upgrade the springs, open up the air box, rejet the carb and install a supertrap (left over from my xr500).

i like aircooled bikes, because of less maintenance. i was thinking of upgrading to a ktm525 or a drz400, but i already own this bike and i'm happy with the performance of the bike, i just want to improve it a little bit. thanks for the info, it was a great help. if i want to jump i'll ride my yz. lol.

I have the same bike, year and all. DON'T go with super trap. I have a WB version of it. They suck. It has melted two of my fenders. I now have a FMF PowerCore 4. Better flow and sound.

The bike is actually really decent at trails and technical if you muscle it hard enough. I keep up with my buddies who have KTMs in the tight stuff. I just ordered fork springs and am taking the rear to Racetech.

:thumbsup: Glad to hear you're sticking w/ the DR, I love these bikes.

IMO the rear shock needs more help than your forks. Get the RACETECH gold valve. NCRick @ Cogent Dynamics (motocd.com) can help w/ this. Here is mine - http://motocd.com/Gallery/DR-350-shock-mod. The forks need help too,not as bad as the shock. I just installed 99 DR cartridge forks.

A pumper carb is a good upgrade, better skid plate, bark busters & good protective gear. Don't like the Supertrapp much, do your thing.

Jessie @ kientech.com is the guru of DRs, check him out. Maximum-suzuki.com is the most valuable tool in my box.

Enjoy! :thumbsup:

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