rocky glen IL. "sucked"




little wet huh?

dude, were is this at?? is it better than buffalo range? thanks

yeah. where is it at? looks pretty cool. thought I had been to almost everywhere in IL...

Its not better then buffalo range. Its a nice place to ride i've ridden there a couple of times. They track durring the summer is basically a sand pit. Not bad though.

its near rockford. we drove from WI. all the guys in the "midwest" forum told me not to go cus it sucks and i didnt listne! and it did kinda suck. its basically an old quary with 2 tracks and some crappy trails around the water hole. that arent marked and criss cross each other ALOT and its full of quad tards that dont like bikes to much. it was good to get out though! i guess if it was 30 min. away i would go again but any further i'd stay away!

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