Broken rear Hub on a 450X

Some weeks ago, I've bought a brand new pair of wheels for my X and after 5/6 rides, i see the rear hub has broken at one disc fixation...

So, question is :

- Are 450R and 250R & X the sames and which year could be usable on my 05 450 X ?

- If i have to buy an aftermarket, what do you recommend ?

- Anyone have one in very good shape in his garage ?

- Could be also an opportunity to buy some reds hubs ?

you might PM AgentSmith, he has aftermarket wheels, maybe he would be willing to sell the OEM if he still has ... never mind, I just noticed your location... shipping alone would probably be more than the part.

Good Idea, i try PM him.

Cost for a pair of boots was 45 bucks so for one hub should be roughly the same !

Id run my chain a bit looser also to prevent that from happening again.

But didnt He say it broke on the disc side, which I thouht to mean the brake rotor. What does that have to do with chain tension?

You're right Jakeblues, disc side, not sprocket...

Could too much chain tension cause the break on the disc side? Anyone?

Missed that as most of the broken hubs ive seen have been on the sprocket side. Actually ive never seen on break on the disk side.

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