Can a 83 TT600 rear sprocket fit on a XT550?

Can a 1983 Yamaha TT600 rear sprocket fit on a 1982 Yamaha XT550? I want to order original at the yamaha dealer, since the last time i told them i want a few extra teeth on my sproket they just say yes and order the origional XT550 sprocket anyway.

Actually how many extra teeth does it have? I was thinking that since i use the bike for town riding i dont need to reach high speeds, but i would love to feel the bike become a wheelie machine.

If you can think of any disadvantages please let me know. Im already thinking of one. The chain guard will have to come out :thumbsup:

You could just buy an aftermarket sprocket for the xt550.

I've seen them from a 38-45 tooth.

Sunstar is one company that makes them. sells them.

Good luck!

you can also check sprocket specialist,they have a listing online .

Thanks but im not a fan of online shopping since i am living in south africa. Ill keep trying, but if the TT600 sproket will fit then my problem can be easily solved

I'm not a big fan either but you can click on yamaha under manufactures list and the list gives numbers for the front and rear sprockets.

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