Camping / Family Friendly Dirt Day

My family and some friends will be out at Boman Reservoir for a little dirt biking/quad riding and camp out. We would like to meet some new people. We are occasional riders so inexperienced are welcome as well as you hard core people. If you have kids, that is a big bonus for us. My boys are 13 and 16 and want to ride with someone besides dad.

We found a nice spot next to the water. Good road, a nice size, flat area for parking any big trailers next to a sandy area for tents.

We will be going up very early Friday morning(04/18/08) to secure the spot in case it gets busy. We will return home Sunday evening. Hope we can get a nice size group.

April 18-20.


I-15 North. Exit 93, turn right at end of ramp(east) onto 169.

3.5 miles. Turn left onto Bowman(There is a white sign on the right that says "Whitney's Water Systems").

Follow road to Bowman Reservoir(X on map). Look for white Ford cube van.


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