Service manual cr 250

Anyone know where to find a service manual (PDF) for cr 250 99

Not sure where you could find a PDF o ne of if you could at all. I would just buy one. I have a '99 as well and I just got a manual.

Im from poland and I cant buy here

Since all Honda Service Manuals appear to be copyrighted, any PDF copy is illegal. To keep TT out of any legal issues, I don't allow any links to PDF download sites. Two primary legal options: a Honda Service Manual and a Clymer manual. US Honda dealers still sell '99 Service Manuals new via special order (not sure about Poland), Clymer for the '99 CR250 are available from the TT store and both show up on Ebay occasionally.

Below is a highly rated US Ebay seller that ships internationally. There are probably several more.

Here's a link to the Helm Honda Service Manual - the same one Honda sells. It says you can buy online.

YOu have an expensive couple thousand $ bike and dont want to spend 20$ on a manual lol. Not to be rude or anything but are you crazy?

I just got a Clymer from ebay 4 the 99 250. Im happy with it. I think $30 after shipping, came in 7 or 8 days across the country.

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