WC Skid Plate

Well I have an 05 Honda CRF250 and just got a Works Connection skid plate for it. Thing it I couldn't figure out how to install that damn thing!:thumbsup: Anybody having these problems too? and also is the foam really recommended to be put there?

I took mine off to clean it. It was a bi**** to put back on. The little metal pieces that hold it on take a while to be slid into place so you can screw it on. Just take your time and you will get it. I would put the foam, helps keep mud out of there. My bike didn't have any though which made a lot of clean up.

Yes, use the foam as it prevents mud from building up when you ride. Mud is no biggy unless you don't mind riding around with all that extra weight. Mud can get pretty heavy during a moto!

Yeah, the plate is kinda finicky but pretty basic to install... Hard to explain on paper.. just use common sense and you'll get it.

Yeah, I thought it was going to be a little hard to put on. I just thought there was an easier way to put it on. I messed with it again and kinda got it on so I guess it's all good now. Thanx for ur input...

That foam is good to keep out mud in races yes, but when you clean your bike it actually keeps some mud trapped in the bottom of the plate. Also I don't know why WC had the great idea of putting a bunch of huge holes in the front of the plate right where the most dirt gets kicked up....do you really think that that aids in cooling the engine significantly? All those holes do in my opinion is catch dirt while you're riding...

I put the front two screws in very loosly then I use a screw driver to hold the one on the left cause my finger doesnt fit in there. The right rear is not too difficult. Get them all on there loose then tight them up a little at a time and no big.

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