over reving on idle

I recently took my carb off and cleaned the jets I also changed the oil and plug on the bike. The problem is that for some reason when I rev it up it sort of just hangs there and after a while it will drop back to idle again...any ideas?

is the throttle cable adjusted right?

usually indicative of running lean at idle. Did you mess with your fuel screw?

Also better check for vacuum leaks.

Search "hanging idle" in this forum and you'll get eleventy billion results.

Could be a vacuum leak, also could be a binding throttle or return cable. The latter has happened to me.

Make sure you can hear the cable wheel hitting the stop when you blip the throttle (engine off) and let it go. You should hear a "snap" at the carb. when you let go of the throttle. Check it w/ the bars pointed straight, full lock left, & full lock right. If the cables are a bit too tight, it won't snap shut when the bars are turned to the right. It's most likely the cables if it ran right before.

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