V-Force or not

I just recently rebuilt my '01 300 EXC and am pretty happy with the new power. i have a knarly pipe on it and was wondering if i replaced the stoke reed and box with a V Force 3 set up if there would be a noticable difference or just put new stock reeds in it? thanks for the input.

you should see some bottom end gain. little but noticeable. Atleast it was on my 300 when I added the Vforce.

i agree wth firebolter.

I replaced the V-Force block on my 06 250SX with a Boyesen Rad Valve.

Simply put, the V-Force SUCKS. There is a noticeable difference in power with the Rad Valve. The V-Force made the bike feel like a pig in many areas. Best $100 I have spent in awhile.

Been there, done that.

I have the V-Force on my '01 KTM 300.

Spend that $100 on the suspension 1st.

Learn how to jet that beast properly.

Save for a dampener. The V-Force is ridiculous.

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