Not again.......

Just got home from our show in Ft walton beach fl. It went well for the most part, but the weather was BADDDDD. Wind, rain, a 8 ft tall landing and a bunch of other crap, The pluss side is I rode reletivly well considering. I was the only one jumping on Fri so I have video of it, I took vid stills but the quality is very poor. Sat was horable weather as well but Kenny and I rode and did very well. ( for the most part woof...) Sunday we show up to groom our landing mole hill and we fing there is all kinds of metal in the dirt from the rocket car burning a van, we tryed to clean it up but decided with the wind, small landing, slippery mud, and spikes of death it wasn't safe to jump. The promoter suprizingly agreed. we got some helarious video but I can't get it from my computer with the editing stuff over to this computer tht I can upload with. Would you guys even be interested in seeing the grainy pics I was able to pull from the vid?

post em up!

I know the quality sucks, I tryed to make them look as clear as possible but it didn't work.. Oh well here they are.







no ft cancan








roosting for the crowd

I had to throw my goggles to Kenny before I jumped, it was like jumping while someone sprayed you with a squirt bottle.

man... you just don't have any luck with weather do heres hoping for a sunny day your next time out :thumbsup:

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