Porting/Head work?

I'm looking at buying a used 06 YZF450 and I may go ahead and install new valves, piston and have the head ported while I'm at it.

Any opinions out there on who does good head work? I have read Ron Hamp does good work but I was looking for some opinions (MDK, Varner, Barr's Competition, WMR, Yoshimira, Tokyo Mods, etc.)

Any opinons will be appreciated.

Thank you,


Are you going to race this bike in supermoto, or half mile flat track? Are you a pro MX'er? If not, a really good port job is a lot of money for power you really don't need. If you really do need power at that level, Ron Hamp. Period.

+ 2 on RHC. Be prepared to wait six months and spend the big bucks. Worth the wait.

6 months? RHC is prompt with me!

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