Stoneyford Camp Out and Ride December 28

We have the Grey Pine camp ground in Stoneyford reserved for one week starting December 28. Anyone who would like to come and join us for some great riding, bench racing, and all around good time is welcome. It will be our own little ThumperTalk spode fest! :) It will be a great way to meet some other TT'ers. This is a family affair. So, bring the wives, girl friends, significant others, kids, dogs, et cetera.

Hey Paul,

We haven't talked in quite a while. I can't make it after all for New Years' ride. Really wanted to try this one out. I just can't justify a long trip until business picks up. It is showing some signs of life after two years, though. I won't see it for a few months yet, but maybe springtime is good, too. Did you see Danny L's post on another topic about "how far in a day" or something like that? This could be good timing for me and might be a great adventure if you are up for it. Nevada 1000 pre-run with GPS???


PS: any of you guys who can make it, I can vouch for PMaust. He will only drink half your beer (of course, leaving the rest for you), he'll help you fix his flat tires, and if you get hassled by a Ranger, he will not make the Ranger too upset while he is writing your ticket.

I kid, I kid!!!!!


That's really nice of you to set up a camping/riding trip for my birthday but I'll be at Dove Springs....

Dan - you got it wrong. Paul will drink all your beer if he crashes and hurts himself and has to stay in camp.

Anja, Tootsie (Monty can I bring the dog if I bring my bike?) & I would love to join in the fun but we have an annual commitment at Dove Springs.

Maybe a TT weekend at Middle Creek in Jan or Feb?



You know, you may be right. Come to think of it, he didn't crash at Alta Sierra, so we all kept an eye on him since he was with us most of the time.

Thanks for the heads-up. I guess I need to bring my booby-trapped cooler next time so the suds vault isn't violated by common beer thieves.


PS: when he sees this thread again, you and I are in deep stuff.

Brian you taking your dog or your bike to dove spring?HA-HA How you been you need to darg that trailer up to stonyford with us and forget about a rode out canyon lots more fun at stonyford and we will give you a B-DAY you want forget.


Dan, you had beer left and didn't tell me! :D If I would have known that, I would have stayed longer. :) I totally understand about the work thing. I constantly have to deal with that getting in the way of my riding! If you can make it any time this year that will be great. I will try to go down south at least a couple of times. We have to try and resurrect Ron from the dead! :D

Brian, if you are injured, what else is there to do except drink beer! :D Surely, you can make it up one day or the other? I don't care if you bring the dog as long as you bring a bike also! :D By the way, did you ever get a job yet?

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