25 year old newbie looking for bike

Ive been searching craigslist like crazy trying to find that perfect bike. I just turned 25 and am new to riding dirtbikes. I am 5.9 and weigh 155. ill be riding on some dirt trails and hills with frequent jumps. I was looking for a bike with low maintenance particularly 2 stroke 125 cr yz kx or sx between years of 97-02 with 1500.00 to spend. any advice?:thumbsup:

with your hight and weight a 125 is a good option for sure, and for $1500 you should be able to find yourself a very nice 125, you should be able to get an RM or YZ (preferably YZ) 125 from around 2002 for $1500.

Have you ridden any dirt bike before? What was it and how did it feel? fast/slow, tall/short etc?

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