R and X Tree Compatability?

Can anyone think of a reason that R trees would not work on an X? Just want to be sure. I'm planning on ordering some trees with stem and lower bearing from Tag Metals and they only list them for R models. I can't get those schmucks to answer their phone or return an e-mail. If they didn't have something I wanted, I'd say to hell with them and get something else. But...

Do they offer/include tabs for the headlight unit? Maybe not so then it'd be solely R.

I don't use the stock headlight assy anymore. I have the Baja Designs kit which mounts to the fork tubes via rubber straps. But I don't put that on very often, so it's a non-issue with me.

I'm pretty sure the only difference is the lack of headlight tabs and odo mounts are the only difference.


That's the answer I'm looking for. I just didn't know if there might be a difference in the bearings or stem length. Thanks.

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