Any tips on getting the bead straight on new tires?

I just mounted a new set of Michelins on my Bike, front/rear both 10in. rims. I can't get the bead to set straight for the world! I cranked them up to around 40lbs to see if the bead would pop into place, but I had no luck. Now when I ride, especially on the street there's lots of tire wobble/hop. By the way I checked to make sure the wheels are true and they are. Any tips for this problem?

deflate them, lather the bead area in some soapy water, re- inflate, bounce em' around...can be a pita sometimes...

Dish soap and water. Also, make sure your tube isn't pinched or your rimlock( if you have one) doesn't get in the way.

what rude dude said ,I also use wd40 and run the air pressure as high as I can .....deflate bounce re inflate keep on repeating the process .Sometimes can take a couple of hours!!

Whats the highest psi the tires will hold for setting the bead? 60 to much?

60psi should be good enough.i would do as what others have said.once you get the bead and rim slippery it should seat evenly

ust dont get your fingers in there!

Kid at school did that on the coats machine...screamin bloody murder, got his pinky pinched right between the rim and the tire...

Also, you didn't tighten the nut on the valve stem all the way down first did you? You just want a couple threads so the tube can expand into the tire without any resistance.

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