Hows Competitive Edge

Well, I plan to ditch Elsinore as it never gets groomed and its too crowded. Starwest is fun but I need more practice. I want to go to Competitive Edge on Friday.

Who Likes it? Hows the Dirt? Hows the jumps? I havent been on a bike in 2 years and Im hitting tracks to get back to the way I was. Trail riding is already boring.

Im still getting over that fear of when you get right to the lip and just wanna let go of the gas. Almost caused me to crash! :thumbsup:

Who likes that track? Its only a 40-50 min drive, so not to bad.

The track looks awesome! Never been because its like a 2 and a half hour drive from san diego. If it was closer I would go for sure. Why dont you try posting this in the california where to ride section.

Go to Milestone Motocross Park.

Go to Milestone Motocross Park.

That place is also awesome.

Comp edge is a great track!

Milestone is a ZOO!!be careful of the quads:busted:

Quads are only on Sat. Friday you should be quad free.


ok, here's the lowdown on MS.

I ride there every week.

Vet Track: Hi speed track due to small amount of jumps. Jumps are mostly tables (of course) biggest one being 25-30 ft? (nothing you can't do in 2nd gear pinned so maybe more like 20ft tables then.. lol It's a good warm up track for the intermediate rider or the rider that likes to feel like a pro passing the slow guys.

Intermediate Track: Slower paced then the Vet due to the technical jumps. The biggest table there is about 30-35ft and the Int. track has REAL doubles and just added a REAL triple (hopefully still there this Friday). The doubles are small but some are right out of corners, so it helps you practice your exit speed etc. Since they added the triple double it's my favorite track and a real good workout! But if you don't want to hit the Triple Double.. you can take the inside line and hit the Double, double, double (still fun).

Main: High speed track with big jumps, but nothing as big as Elsinores Main (last I checked). I think the biggest Table on the main is 60ft? They keep changing it so I don't keep track. It's a fun track but not my cup of tea, I can never seem to relax when I ride the main.

The quads are only allowed on the Intermediate track Sat. until 2:30pm (or around there).

The most crowded track is the Vet (for sure) The least crowded is the Intermediate (too technical for some).

I have ridden most tracks in the south bay and Milestones dirt is my favorite. Elsinore is like riding on cement, then they water it and it's like an ice skating rink and all the others are a bit far away (I'm in Torrance).

Only problem with milestone is the cost. Yearly membership is $40 then it's $25 a day to ride. So your first day will set ya back $65 (OUCH). Staff is cool and the money takers at the gate are usually pretty hot chicks.

Lets not forget the best thing, The Intermediate track is open at night (it's lighted). The main has lights set up but they are not wired yet, I heard they will be good to go in a few weeks. Not sure about any plans to light up the Vet.

I'll be there this Friday around 2pm till I get tired. Let me know if you wanna meet up!

It is pretty pricey the first time around. But you can opt for the one time fee for $40 to just get in without a membership. Then if you like the track then its an extra $20 to become a member. Or something like that. You could also try Perris. I have heard its pretty good but have yet to go since Rick Johnson and Tortelli bought it.

CRF Rider, I checked there before I posted but it looks to be a less flowing section of the forum, so I asked here. I do get more answers. lol

I wanted to go to a place less crowded and perfect to practice at. From what I saw Competitive edge looks the best. My friends recommend Milestone, I will try going there this month.

Competitive edge is $15 no membership, so its easy for practice.

Perris is pretty nice, just FAST riders. I go there to watch and those guys are crazy. And some jumps are just huge. No whoops or real hard sections? Just HUGE tables. Im gonna work my way up to that level again. I hope.

I just wished I lived closer, I would be there everyday. I just hope the pala track open soon. People are saying its gonna be one of the best in Cali.

Comp Edge has a track for everybody and its well maintained. I like #2. I-5 raceway is pretty fun, too. Perris for sure.

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