looking at new bikes which one

Looking for a new bike. I liked the brouchures and reviews on the klr 650 and thought that was the way to go. Went to the dealership and found out the bike is to big/street orientated for me. Looking for somthing to ride on the trails and in the bush. also would like to drive aroud the city on errands, take the kids to soccer games and keep up on the freeway. I am 5'11' 240lbs, been riding since I was 10.

The dealer showed me the klx 250s and the drz400 I like the look and size of the klx but don't want to be under powered for the freeway. There are no test drives here as they only get a few of each bike as this would help me decide. Any sugestions or inputs would be appreciated. willing to look at any brand. last bike a 1974 xl175 good little bike still runs excelent but to slow for the freeway.

duel sporting? sounds to me like the DR-Z 400 is the bike for you, Hi-Po 4 strokes don't last on the road (they ware out way to fast) and the KLR 650 is in my opinion way to big for off road riding that isn't open desert, the 400 will easily cruise at highway speeds all day, won't ware out on you, and if you like green, latter on you can buy KLR-400 graphics for it since they're exactly the same bike lol.

Ahhh You will quickly tire of cruising Wal-Mart parking lots and want some more "Action".....Hence the actionator. KTM 525 EXC. Street legal (35 mile trips or so are cool) And very off road capable.


You're 240 lbs and if you add a second rider for soccer games you're gonna need some displacement - especially since you want to be on the highway. I think the DRZ is too small. An XR650L will do all that but the KLR650 is a better on-road bike.

Depends on how off-road capable your bike needs to be.

And if your really looking for something that can safely go down the highway and throw dirt, then a DRZ-400sm with a spare set of wheels with knobbies mounted would be my choice.

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