Tightening those loose spokes?!?!?

So I had the local shop put a new tread on today which set me back $110:crazy: . They said some of my spokes were loose and sure enough they were. They asked to tighten them, but of course they werent going to be nice and since im a kid they thought itd be nice to take advantage of my wallet some more. I said i will pass on the $65 service fee and try myself. Buttttt i dont know how i should go about tightening some odd loose spokes? Any help would be appreciated!!!

$65 was probably to tighten and re-true your wheel.

You do check and tighten loose spokes after every ride right?

Take a loot in the tech forums. A couple of threads in there about it.

yea usually i do. Its been sitting and been moved around a lot all winter so its been awhile since i checked. i just wanna know if i can tighten them my self or something?

Yes you can but there is a right and very wrong way to do it. If you just go and tighten loose spokes until they are tight again that is the wrong way to do it and pretty quick your wheel will resemble an egg rather than a circle.

1/4 turns max and use alternating patterns like in the tech section here:


so i need to take my tire off bascially? or is there a certain one i should read?

no need to take your tire off. just turn every third one a 1/4 turn. and once you go around 3 times they should have of all been turned 1/4. if you have to do them much more than that then you prolly werent checking/tightening them often enough. but def read those other threads posted. much more depth than my post. :thumbsup:

thank you that makes a lot more sense! I appreciate everybodys help!

I did it last week and it was alright. My spokes went in a little goofy but we made it work. truing was weird because it's hard to find the out of round spot and grab it while the wheel is spining around.

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