Venting pressure through the radiator?

Well, the big blue ox (99 400), after nearly 3 years of "daily driver" use has started to have a bit of strange behavior. Symptoms are, a bunch of water dissapeared very quickly in a very short period of time, when I shut it off I can hear an "oozing" noise of pressure escaping into and then out of the radiator. So, I´m looking at a gasket or seal problem I reckon, question is can someone tell me which one it´s likely to be?


First guess would be a head gasket.

Well, that would be my guess, was wondering if there was any thing else it could be though. The most simple explanation is frequently the right one. thnx.

Well, you make no mention of see a leak. You make no mention of seeing any signs of water/coolant in the oil. You hear a "oozing" noise of pressure escaping, either it is coolant moving by convetion or pressure in the barrel, seeping past the headgasket into the coolant.

You getting moisture out your exhaust? Does it smell like coolant?

If you're not seeing it go into the reservoir (and possibly not back out to the bike due to a pinched hose), and it's not showing up as milk in the oil, then it has to be getting burned up in your cylinder - meaning white smoke out the exhaust - possible moisture on the tip of your silencer and generally crappy performance.

First guess would be a head gasket.

That would also be my guess. Had a GPZ600 some years ago do exactly the same thing, as it would spit the coolant out of radiator overflow when under pressure. I did try a new rad cap thinking that maybe it was faulty.

Unfortunately it was the head gasket in this instance. :thumbsup:

+1 to head gasket.

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