Race gas?

My friend gave me some race gas (110 octane) premixed with 927 gold at 20:1, will it spooge like crazy?

Probably, just adjust it to 35:1 or 40:1

Should I just add some pump gas?

Without knowing what fuel it is, how close your current jetting is for the fuel, and what kind of loads you put on the bike, no one can possibly answer your "spooge" question.

I will say that, with proper jetting, you can easily run 20:1 with zero spooge. I did it for years.

Reducing the oil is not the way to reduce spooge. If your bike spooges it's most likely jetted too rich on one or more of the carb circuits.

Mixing pump fuel with race fuel is a good way to ruin good race fuel. You are reducing the quality of the race fuel, and with the complex makeup of gasoline and the ever-changing formulations that come out of gas pumps, there's no knowing what you'll actually end up with, and thus no way to predict spooge, jetting, etc.

I run Citgo 110 in my bike. Like Chokey said you don't know what you will get if you mix different things. I just run the same fuel/oil all the time and jet for it.

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