Quickshot AP HELP?

HI, I just bought a kx250f and I plan on selling it after i take a couple parts. ( he had tires and stuff and it was a great deal) Anyways it has one of those boyesen quickshot accelerator pumps, and the part number for it and my 250 are the same. (Same Carbs) Anyways i don't race and find that my bike doesn't really bog at all, so i was wondering if this part would make any noticeable difference to me. Also,is all you have to do to change it is turn the carb and swap the two??

Any input appreciated.

also it has a fmf exhaust, do u know if ill be able to swap mine, ( haven't picked it up yet and kinda anxious)


I don't think the exhaust would fit, without some serious modifications, and then it might not perform very well because it was never designed for the bike.

I have a quickshot. It helped a bit, wasn't like the best thing ever, but if you have it, put it on. It is a bit tricky to get on. I ended up unbolting the carb, and removing the top bolts on the subframe to get to it easily.

all right thanks ill take a look and see how much of a pain it'e be.

that AP thing only help off idle response. if you bike doesent bog off idle it may not help anything too much

My kids 06 had the bog problem. The A/P mod fixed most of the problem. Playing with the jetting helped also. On his 08, there's really nothing you can do with the A/P. I was reading about the adjustable leak jet and the effects it had on a bog issue for a Kawi, so I changed the leak jet from I believe it was an 80 down to a 55 and it worked wonders! The adjustable leak jet kit is arounf $150 dollars, but before I wanted to make the commitment, I wanted to understand that this could possible fix the problem which it did! It's really the ultimate tuning once you have the other jetting issues out of the way...

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