Adjusting valve.

I rode the bike for 3 years now. It needs some valve adjustement. it's the first time I'm going to do this, I've never opened a 4stroke before and I have no idea what to buy?

1-Do I need to buy new valves or can I adjust the existing one?

2-since im opening my engine, I was planning on buying

-New Valve wiseco or ProX ( 2intake, 2exhaust)

-New piston ring wiseco

-New Gasket (not sure about this one)

DO I need something else???

What you guys did?

Have fun riding:applause:

So, you are not doing a valve adjustment rather a valve replacement.

Buy RHC valves, do not lap them!!!

Buy OEM rings, light ball honing of the barrel

New head gasket, get a E model base gasket.

Why do you think you need to replace this stuff? How many miles on your bike, any problems? If you have low mileage, why not simply reshim?

I have about 5000 Mile on my bike, 90% off road. It does not start cold and the valve are pinking. after doing couple test with my buddy (good Mech guy) we have concluded that I should set my valve.

Reshim! Will I need to order those or do will they have it in stock at the dealer??

"setting your valves" is re-shimming... the "spacers"... your mechanical friend should understand this...

The shop will have shims, and a gauge... search for "valve adjustments" and it is probably on-line (here?)

If you'd like a confidence builder, Motopower has a DVD that shows you how to adjust the valves on your bike. Check out

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