Best GNCC rider of all time?

Who was the best GNCC (motorcycle) rider of all time?

I'll Make it easy, here are the Past Champs. Since bike technology plays a key role in lap speed you have to ask yourself how would David Knight do if he had to ride Jim Maltba's 1985 16hp 3" wheel travel KTM and vice versa.

a. David Knight

b. Juha Salminen

c. Rodney Smith

d. Barry Hawk Jr

e. Shane Watts

f. Scott Summers

g. Scott Plessinger

h. Fred Andrews

i. Ed Lojak Sr

j. Jim Maltba

Scott Summers. No (additional) contest or debate required. 'Nuf said.

Rodney Smith.

f. Scott Summers. :thumbsup:

Scott Summers. No (additional) contest or debate required. 'Nuf said.

+1 He rode an XR600/650 for cripes sake! Talk about limited technology! :thumbsup:

Scott Summers. Bar none. That dude is an animal.

scott summers

juha sailmen

david knight

shane watts

rodney smith

Scott Summers, without doubt. His string of championships on a heavy outdated air hammer XR600 are what really brought that sport into the mainstream.

Besides, anybody who could ride that XR600 like he did deserves a medal!!(he got some medals in the ISDE, didn't he.)

Scott Summers was my offroad hero in the early 90's, I also had an XR600 at the time, his articles about how to use the extra weight to your advantage definitely helped my riding back then.

Scott Summers

Shane Watts

Ed Lojak Sr

another vote for scott one can come close off road...

no more post required. I saw Scott Summers race his Husky with the custom tank this weekend at Big Buck. I will agree.

Scott Summers ........... he even could lift up a XR600

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